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An Orangutan Learns to Fish – The New Yorker

Orangutans are wonderful creatures. I am a firm supporter of the work the Orangutan Foundation UK does. We need to stop the removal of its habitat and work towards increasing the population before it is too late.

The word “orangutan” comes from a seventeenth-century Malay expression meaning “forest person.” Perhaps it’s time we learned again to see the person in the ape.

via An Orangutan Learns to Fish – The New Yorker.

There are other country specific charities that work to help the orangutans. If you do a websearch for Orangutan Foundation you may find one in your own country that you can support, or there is, The International Orangutan Foundation

The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman – Vox

Every woman should take the attacks on other women personally. Because the attacks are not aimed at the particular person, they are aimed at women. Women who “don’t know their place!”

Watson is not the only one being told to “get back” by misogynists who wield sexual terror as a weapon. She is in the company of many other women, all over the world, who have made the decision to participate in public life and suffered the consequences. Writers on feminist issues, deluged with rape threats: get back. Activists from Syria, to Sudan, to the Congo, raped in prison: get back. South African lesbians, raped to “correct” their sexuality: get back.

via The sexual threats against Emma Watson are an attack on every woman – Vox.

Dear Dave and Nick…: The Indyref – forcing more accountability in Westminster?

The No result should be a trigger for a better country for all of us. Though I won’t hold my breath 🙁

Dear Dave and Nick…: The Indyref – forcing more accountability in Westminster?.

Idiot estate agents

We’ve had the house on the market for 4 weeks. We need to move to a bungalow as stairs are getting too hard for me to cope with. Four weeks and NO viewings at all. An “open house” had been arranged for 2 weeks ago, but was cancelled at the very last-minute by the agents (an hour before it was to start). To say I was pissed off would be a colossal understatement. With my health, doing a massive tidy and “staging” of the house for viewers is not a trivial thing.

I have 2 other agencies very keen to work with us (calling regularly to see how things are going), so I rang this lot to find out what the problem was.
“Oh, there’s a lot of interest, so we were going to arrange another open house for next weekend, if that’s ok with you?”
I asked why we weren’t getting people booked in to view if there was so much interest.
“We put people off having a viewing until we have an open house, then we can show them all through at once!”
No, dear agent, as soon as someone expresses interest, you ask if they would like to view. Then you call me with the day/time that suits them and as long as it is at least the next day or later, and I will be home, I will say “Yes!” – and I will accept “unaccompanied viewers” as well if it’s just too much work for you.

Need to check the contract to see double-check dates and see how hard I can batter them with the threat of going multiple agency.

Anybody after a 3-bed/1-bath, 250+ year old semi-detached mill-worker’s cottage in the Mendip Hills (Somerset – not in a flood risk area!), split-level garden, 2 sheds (one has been used as an office), 2′ thick walls, predominant beams, cottage doors, a duel-fuel burner set in the centre of the old stone walls (keep it burning for a few days and the heat radiates through the stone via the chimney to heat the house), deep windowsills and new carpets downstairs? OIRO £215,000 – it’s on Rightmove 😉

My Review of Bra-Llelujah Bra

Originally submitted at Freshpair

No more bra lines, bulges, clasps, hooks or wires

"Underwire" lift without the underwire

Unique hosiery knit engineering offers the ultimate support and comfort

Designed to give you a smooth, sexy back

Straps distribute weight evenly and won&…

Almost Perfect

By Kayla from Somerset, United Kingdom on 6/2/2013


4out of 5

Cup Fit: Feels true to size

Band Size: Feels true to size

Pros: Figure-Flattering, Comfortable, Soft, Good Coverage, Washes Well, Good Support

Cons: Seams At Back Irritate

Best Uses: T-Shirts, sleep, Everyday

Describe Yourself: Geek, Comfort-oriented, High-end shopper, Mature, Practical, Disabled

Was this a gift?: No

Fabulous. I’ll buy more. The ONLY issue is that I have to wear them inside out. There’s a seam on both straps where they attach to the back band. Those seams manage to be at the most sensitive part of my back & cause intense irritation & itching. Wearing the bra inside out puts the smooth side of the seams against my skin instead. If the manufacturer could find a solution, the bras would be perfect & worth 5*.

This bra is one of the most comfortable I have found. The lack of clasps & few seams means that it feels comfortable against my skin & I don’t have to reach to put it on/take it off (the best way to put it on is to step into it and pull it up). I wouldn’t recommend it for cup sizes bigger than a D/DD if you’re looking for strong support.

Liberal Democrats, enablers of bully boys

I wrote the following as a comment to the linked post on Tessa Munt’s website:

“I believe it is far better legislation than Andrew Lansley proposed.” So said Tessa Munt last year.

You know, that really wouldn’t be difficult. You wrote this a while ago, since then we have seen patients turned away from walk-in centres that display the NHS logo but are run by private companies because they had already “filled their quota” for that type of health problem. We have seen patients turned down for operations that are desperately needed because, again, the private company running the service has already done as many as they are allowed. We have seen private healthcare companies artificially increasing their waiting times for operations & lying to patients that the waiting list for an operation is so long that they would be better off paying for it to be done privately… with that company, of course.

We are seeing NHS hospitals closed & then handed over to private companies at a discount. NATIONAL Health Service hospitals simply cannot run out of money – that’s what the N in NHS means. They are not individual hospitals, they are part of the whole. If a NHS hospital goes “bankrupt” that means that the entire government is bankrupt (financially this time, as well as morally). In which case all MPs and Civil Service Heads will need to be charged with Dereliction of Duty and held to account in court for the destruction of the United Kingdom.

Without the Liberal Democrats in coalition the Conservatives would never have had the power needed to ram through the NHS Fire Sale Act (with LibDem fully informed support). Without LD enablement, the NHS destruction (yes, begun under Labour) could not have continued. Without LD enablement the War on the Poor would have never seen the light of day. The policies begun under Labour would have stagnated and the levels of harm would have been manageable.

Without the LibDems acting as enablers to this bunch of sociopthic, sadistic, bully boys the UK would be ticking along with the focus on properly managing the debt & controlling the deficit rather than enacting ages old Tory ideology & taking from the poor to give to their rich mates & families. How does it feel knowing that your party sold itself to the highest bidder for the illusion of power? Because that’s all you have, and all you will ever have. The Lib-Dems as a party have regressed to about 2 decades ago in terms of likelihood of ever gaining power again. Speaking of likelihood of being elected again, I think you’ll find that everything I have mentioned, in addition to the outright lies on Student Fees, will not be forgotten when it comes time for you to try to keep this seat.

The people of this constituency are very disappointed. We kicked out Heathcoat-Amory primarily because his expense claims were finally too much for even the True Blue core to swallow. Such a pity that his replacement is a media hungry, photo-op jumping, PR junky rather than the supportive, caring, non-career-politician we were shown.

You should learn to use twitter properly rather than just sending an auto-tweet whenever there is an update to your website.

Oh, by the way, Tessa, is it just letters & emails from me that you can’t be bothered to even acknowledge, or is it those from all women? (or maybe you’re avoiding certain subject matter)

Lewisham decision exposes Hunt’s NHS ‘ratchet’ con

Lewisham decision exposes Hunt’s NHS ‘ratchet’ con.

I can “hear” millions of minds around the country, all thinking exactly the same thing “Lewisham? Doesn’t affect me.” It does.  Every single decision taken by the Coalition, since Nick Clegg allowed the Tories to take power with no real brake on their ideaology, will affect you. One day you will turn around and wonder WTF happened.

What mainly happened was general apathy; an “I’m all right, Jack.” mentality; and a serving of Bread & Circuses to disguise everything else. All aided and abetted by the media, including the BBC.

Hey, BBC, I’m not so Proud of you right now.

via Lewisham decision exposes Hunt’s NHS ‘ratchet’ con.