Polite Petitions and Subsequent Dismay is this the new British Way?

Well, I watch as yet another petition goes nowhere, taking the hopes and expectations of so many with it. Perhaps some of those will be less naive the next time. But there’s already another half dozen new petitions on the same subject. I’ll sign them, as usual, but without any hope at all that they will make a difference.

We have seen the seriousness with which those in power in the UK treat petitions. We have seen just how effective those petitions have been. The result is always the same “We have looked into the matter and considered things very carefully but find no case to answer. Don’t hit the door with your arse on the way out or I might have you arrested for vandalism.” The only thing that will ever get through to any of these particular barstewards would be to lose everything, to find themselves with nothing at all and no way to get it back.  It’s a nice thought, but everso unlikely, unfortunately.

What these Public Enemies are doing is very well orchestrated, carefully planned and stealthily perpetrated so that most won’t notice (or believe) it is happening, regardless how much evidence is shoved in their faces, until it directly affects them – even having a family member’s health and life destroyed by Atos isn’t enough for some, they’d rather blame a relative than get out of their comfy chair and pay attention.

Everyone should know the poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller that starts… First they came for the Socialists,  and I did not speak out–Because I was not a Socialist... by the time they come for the petit bourgeois it will be too late to change without a full blown revolution.

There’s a sentence I learned the truth of when I worked doing tech support “people are stupid”. Everyone is stupid about some thing or other, often many things. One thing most people stupidly believe is that politics isn’t important to them. “I don’t do politics.” Well, politics certainly “does” you. 

Now, what’s the phrase? Man up, open your eyes, turn off the bloody television and pay attention to what is being done to you and your country.   It’s not the poor, the sick, the disabled, the immigrants or any of the favourite scapegoats that will be to blame*. It’ll be those who aren’t paying attention, who aren’t building awareness, who aren’t trying to DO something.

* you do know that none of those are to blame for the cuurent state of the economy, right? If you think they are, please put down the fucking comc masquerading as a newspaper and educate yourself about the banks and the sub prime mortgage scam etc.

2 thoughts on “Polite Petitions and Subsequent Dismay is this the new British Way?

  1. Cwol101

    Unfortunately the only thing that will get the attention of the PTB and trigger change is violence and a threat to the privilege they enjoy. An option that the aware are not (yet) willing to espouse

    1. vomsters

      Agreed (apologies for delay in approving your comment, am on a ship off the coast of Norway for a few days with all the iffy wifi that suggests) 🙂


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