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Osborne has NOT halved the EU’s £1.7bn bill | Vox Political

This is how George Osborne probably looked after the fire in his pants caused by his incessant lying about the EU’s £1.7bn bill burned away the rest of his suit. Note that his briefcase is still empty of policies and all he has to offer us is the carrot of false promises [Image: Kaya Mar www.kayamarart.com]

[Image: Kaya Mar – www.kayamarart.com]

Another Tory lie busted – and in a matter of hours.

George Osborne turned up on TV today, buoyed up by a cloud of his own smugness, announcing that thanks to his amazing Chancellorial skills, the UK will have to pay only half of the £1.7bn budget surcharge demanded by the European Union.

via Osborne has NOT halved the EU’s £1.7bn bill | Vox Political.