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Australian priest blames victim for her murder | Dear Kitty. Some blog

“Jill Meagher‘s family criticise Catholic priest over ‘disgusting’ claim

Priest reportedly told students at a Melbourne primary school that if Meagher had been more ‘faith filled’ she would have been home and ‘not walking down Sydney Road at 3am’”

There are no words to describe how angry this makes me. The Catholic Church has apparently apologised. The priest has not apologised for his comments but the Church says that he has “acknowledged” to them that it was inappropriate & apologised for “the offence and upset it has caused” (the standard weasel-words apology that is not an apology) – no apology from the priest to the family or an admission that he was wrong to tell pre-pubescent children that rape is the victim’s fault.

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In case you think the media aren’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes

It is heartbreaking that both countries I call home are going the same way. That Australia is, yet again, blindly following the UK and USA into disaster. The traditional media has failed us. The Opposition have failed us (in both countries). All we can rely on is ourselves.

The only solution is to abandon mainstream media completely, including the news channels, and put our OWN information out there. Everyone who attends a protest, everyone who makes a noise, everyone who signs a petition, everyone who does anything to try to make a change… post to twitter, facebook, livejournal, wordpress, blogger, even google+, everywhere you can. Share your thoughts, pictures, ideas with as many as possible and ask them to share as well. If you have the slightest desire to make a change and have the ability, stand as an independent candidate wherever possible. When I was fit, I did it. If the fibro would let up, I would seriously consider doing it again.

And always remember that we are “policed by our own consent” – the police rely on the majority of people “doing as they are told” because if we didn’t they could not deal with it. The police know this. It is why they try tougher and tougher tactics to try and shut down protests. They are terrified of being overwhelmed. They can only do what WE let them get away with. One, two, even three police attacking a single protester while 30 other people look on and take video/pictures with their phones… really? The balance of numbers doesn’t occur to people?

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