Labour must turn and fight now – or give up its electoral hopes altogether

I voted Labour for years, ever since I was old enough to vote, both in UK & Australia. I moved back to the UK from Australia shortly after NuLabour won the 1997 election, feeling hopeful for the future of this country for the first time since my family had moved to Aus when I was 16. I spent the next decade watching as ever more totalitarian legislation to control the populace was proposed (and in many cases forced through) but regulations on companies and banks were loosened to near non-existance as Blair tried to become a British version of Dubya while lining up a lucrative retirement for himself.

I voted LibDem for the duration of Labour’s rule. I disliked Clegg but agreed with the majority of their manifesto. I will admit to a cautious optimism when the Tory/LibDem Coalition was formed after the last election. It could have been a really good thing. If the LibDems had been sensible and recognised that they did hold the balance of power – but they sold out their supporters, and the rest of the country, for an illusion of power and a vote/referendum or two on a couple of their long-term goals that were promptly quashed by their “partners”. If one more LibDem whines to me that they can’t oppose the Tories because they are “the smaller partner” I might have to slap them until they understand the concept of “withdrawing support” as a political manoeuvre, or at least until they understand that by not opposing the various evil pieces of legislation being imposed, by not opposing the cuts being made, they are as culpable for the deaths, poverty and misery as their “larger partner” in the Coalition.

LibDems making noises as if they will be in any position to form a coalition with anyone at the next election are simply deluded.

I will never, ever vote Tory. It is not a tribal thing. It is a sense of self-worth thing. It is a self-respect thing. I value myself more than that.

If Labour ever want my vote again, the leader (whoever s/he is, and I really don’t care as long as they do what is needed and keep their promises) needs to stop being a fucking coward. Stand up to the Tories. Stand up to the sodding tabloids. Do the right thing, not the Right thing.

via Labour must turn and fight now – or give up its electoral hopes altogether.

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