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Dear Dave and Nick…: The Indyref – forcing more accountability in Westminster?

The No result should be a trigger for a better country for all of us. Though I won’t hold my breath 🙁

Dear Dave and Nick…: The Indyref – forcing more accountability in Westminster?.

Ewan Morrison – YES: Why I Joined Yes and Why I Changed to No | wakeupscotland

The Yes camp have managed to make it seem like criticism of their politics is an attack on the individual’s right to imagine a better self. To do this, the Yes campaign has had to be emptied of almost all actual political content. It has had to become a form of faith.

And it’s not surprising – there is no way that the groups under the banner of Yes could actually work together; they’re all fighting for fundamentally different things. How can the Greens reconcile themselves with the ‘let’s make Scotland a new Saudi Arabia’ oil barons? How can the radical left reconcile themselves with the pro-capitalist Business for Scotland group? Or the L.G.B.T Yes Youth community find common cause with elderly Calvinist nationalists or with the millionaire SNP donor who backed Clause 28. Instead converts chant the same mantra – YES – to cover all the cracks between their mutual hatred. Debate becomes reduced down to one word and the positivity of that one word erases all conflicts and questions beneath a fantasized unity. YES. Yes also erases history, politics and reality. Yes means too many things and ends up meaning nothing. It’s silenced the conflicting politics within it to the point that it means little more than the euphoric American self-help phrase “be all you can be.”

via Ewan Morrison – YES: Why I Joined Yes and Why I Changed to No | wakeupscotland.

Scotland and the EU reblogged from Notes from North Britain

Having lived for more than a third of my life outside the UK (and the EU for that matter) and always knowing that I am British, a citizen of the United Kingdom & a subject of HM QEII no matter where I live or what other nationality I may gain by “naturalisation”, this whole situation seems like a complete farce.  Mind you, I returned to the UK after the weirdness of devolution* & I’m still wondering where the adults were when that was being thought out. We’re either ONE country with ONE government, or we’re not. And if we’re not, then half-hearted measures do nothing but piss everyone off and lead to, as we have seen, internal racism… Racism! Against fellow Britons? Really? This is who we are in the 21st century?


Anyway, that’s nothing to do, really, with the post I am linking to – apart from having the Scottish Independence Referendum in common.


“Would an independent Scotland remain in the EU? The SNP have a terrible record of making-it-up-as-they-go-along on this question. Even now they are still at it.”

via Scotland and the EU | Notes from North Britain.


*It’s like letting your 18 year old set up their own little apartment/annex in the garage/basement so they can have their independence but still have Mum & Dad around to deal with the really important stuff (and the cooking & cleaning, of course). Now they want to put a new door in or change the locks. Oh, and claim the equity in the property as an asset 😉