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The Desperate Fight Within Disabled Campaigning | jaynelinney

*headdesk* I have to keep reminding myself that people are often really f*cking stupid. I really don’t understand the mentality that leads people to attack others because of a percieved “difference”.

I think that some people have a great deal of difficulty in understanding that we are not a single homogenous mass. That we are individuals with our own quirks and foibles. Trying to force people into “the right way of doing things” or making fun/abusing people because they have different opinions is something we should have grown out of by the time we leave school.

Manners. Civility. Politeness. They cost nothing. They are so easy to use and they do so much more than people realise. And they are NOT a sign of weakness or passivity. It is possible to use all three and still be assertive and forthright. It is possible to disagree vehemently with someone and still remain polite. You can use all the names you like in your head but what comes out of your mouth – or fingers – demonstrates your level of control & ability to work – or not – with others.

As a group we are so much stronger. All of our experiences, all of our abilities, all of our passion, mingled, honed, controlled and aimed should be like switching on the Death Star. But we can’t do anything if we can’t control ourselves first.

“…in this very short period of time several of those willing to do the backroom work have been bullied and verbally assaulted by the same people who purport to believe in campaigning and challenging for our rights. So much so, that a number of the individuals willing to use their spare energy have said they can no longer continue; I simply do not understand this!”

The Desperate Fight Within Disabled Campaigning | jaynelinney.

#DWP Decision Makers Crying for Help or playing the #Tory Blame-Game? | jaynelinney

“Out of respect for you, I APOLOGISE in advance for my language because I’m LIVID.

The ever excellent Benefits and Work website reveal welfare rights workers are experiencing DWP Decision-Makers calling up benefit claimants “‘in tears’ or ‘sobbing’“, pleading with them Not to appeal following a Mandatory Reconsideration !! HOW THE FUCK DARE THEY??”

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IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES | jaynelinney

” Iain Duncan Smith continues to ignore his Government and persists in misusing statistics, and it is for these reasons we believe it is time for the Powers of the Commissioner for standards to be exercised, and for Iain Duncan Smith to be independently and openly investigated for breach of Conduct”

via IDS – TIME TO STOP THE LIES | jaynelinney.